Healthyfishies is a community of everyday like minded individuals just like you who are interested in sharing with one another our trials and triumphs in achieving our health and wellness goals. We strive to be able to talk with one another openly regarding diseases, natural cures, green living and more. We are dedicated to bringing to you the latest in Holistic, Natural Cures, Remedies, Alternative Health and information on good old fashioned wholesome down to earth foods and Healthy Living. We promote Organic, Natural and Chemical-free living and would even venture to say we wish to “go green” and are currently expanding into this area as well. We love what we do here and hope that you will come to love it as well.

The purpose of HEALTHY FISHIES.COM is to help you achieve your wellness goals by providing a home for you to freely share your struggles, hopes, dreams, and insights into healthy living and at the same time have fun. We do not believe that a person should have to “pay” to recieve or share wellness information using natural cures, remedies, or even foods you eat and therefore we have created this site in order for us to be able to share these tremendous blessings with one another. Please, keep in mind that we are not saying we have all the answers, nor are we claiming to be Dr’s or even that the suggestions found in our forums, articles and blogs will cure you…but, honestly, what do you have to lose? Our goal is to see people improve thier well being naturally, using natural cures, remedies, non-carcinogenic products and yes, even foods. It is amazing how the Lord can take the natural items He designed and use them to heal us. It is by His grace that we are healed. Please Note that we are in no way saying that the Lord can not use a Dr. or modern medicine to heal and you do need to consult your Dr. in diagnosis and treatment of your specific medical needs.

Since, Healthyfishies is a health and wellness community, we invite our members to share their stories with us, to blog and to write articles that might help someone else who may have the same struggles. We also invite you to share your experience with “what works” and what doesn’t. We offer many different avenues for sharing in our forums as well. We encourage our members to ask questions about diseases, prevention, nutrition, exercise and to find what works for them as individuals. We hope to be able to bring more assistance and information into this area the larger we grow.

We find that a large majority of our members are also people who place high value on healthy meals and dietetic meal values. As most of us try to make more healthy choices in our meals in order to improve our health, we tend to lean more on natural and organic foods. We try to achieve that goal with the addition of more fruits, vegetables and whole grains and also to maximize our ability to get our vitamins and minerals from foods instead of supplements. Most of us also have families, some with special diets, like vegan, dairy free or gluten free and so, it is with great pleasure that we come to you with Healthy Menus through More Thyme and the Healthy Grocer e-Store , which carries organics, natural foods, gluten free foods, dairy free foods, and more!

We have recently even begun adding a stay at home business section, as requested by our members. We are excited to bring to you a handful of Healthy Home Businesses! Feel free to check them out and to ask questions.

We just hope that you will enjoy your time at HEALTHYFISHIES.COM and will return often as we continue to grow and add new and exciting things to the website. It is our hope that HEALTHYFISHIES.COM will be a blessing to you……. and a fun place to hang out! So, kick back, relax, do some writing , get your Healthy menus and grocery lists, do some online shopping in our products and grocer areas, play some free games in the BIG FISH Arcade , earn some money, hang out sharing ideas and meeting others like yourself or just simply stop in and say hi!

Thanks for visiting HEALTHYFISHIES.COM and God Bless You!
May you enjoy the treasures you find!

Bon Apetit!

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