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November 2007

When I first embarked on the journey of finding the best, I believed that if a conscience based choice could be made from the options available, a person would make the choice for the better, after all it is human nature to want the best, isn’t it? I didn’t factor in the apathy of the average person toward anything outside their own boxes of normal activity.
If I had a dollar bill for every gripe I have heard about the food industry, medical industry, or government - whether quality, price, value, service, or any other thing, I would be incredibly wealthy. If I had a dollar for every piece of journalism online or off relating to these enterprises I would again be an extremely wealthy person.

But instead of having dollar bills raining down on me from above, I have come across another revelation. I call it “apathetic Jimmy and apathetic Jane”. It’s an evolution of “don’t pass judgment” or “I’m ok, you’re ok” and without getting into the politics of the whole mess, I think it has proliferated society as a whole under the guise of “playing nice” humanity, and it has become an epidemic.

Under this principle, ordinary people aren’t inclined to think. They don’t have to, as it is simply not their fault. If Jimmy and Jane’s child doesn’t get breakfast, the government or another group steps in with a breakfast program at the child’s school. Jimmy and Jane only buy the car with the fancier upper class symbol “V”model, and then demand that the government intervene in the ever increasing price of petroleum based fuel. If Jimmy and Jane can’t find a certain brand of clothing because it was removed due to child labor, Jimmy and Jane throw a trantrum.  If Jimmy and Jane’s child gets fat, they simply blame the government, fast food chains and of course, the media. If Jimmy and Jane can’t buy their child a certain toy due to a recall, Jimmy and Jane go for the next big thing. But do Jimmy or Jane ever do anything beyond “reactionary”?

Jimmy and Jane haven’t quite figured out that the action each of us takes, which path we choose, defines what happens next; that the way to make a difference is simply to behave differently. Instead Jimmy and Jane stand on the sidelines and complain while at the same time promoting and supporting the very subject of their complaint. To do otherwise would simply be “too forward”, radical, in your face, or simply not nice. No, don’t make any waves, and just go with the flow and complain more about how your very own choices are making you sick and the price tags keeps increasing. When will Jimmy and Jane learn they can control the cost and quality of the products they use?

I am tired of explaining things to the normal everyday Jimmy and Jane’s of the world online or off, only to hear sighs of how entirely “BORING” anything relating to the reality of the health and well being of individuals around them and how the chemicals in thier bathrooms are killing them. I am tired of sharing the “good news” of alternatives to the crap we are eating and having “blah blah blah” thrown back in my face. Seriously, why do I care?

If you think that the government is not giving you the whole truth, write them and demand changes. If you think that farmers have a raw deal, support them, and don’t support those that exploit them! If you think that the drug industry is making too many mistakes and risking our lives in a little pill, take it to your senator. If you think the foods you eat are making you sick, do something about it and change your buying habits. If you think that climate change is an issue - downsize your engine, get a more fuel efficient car, but don’t talk to me about it from your v8 or Hemi vehicle!
It is all a matter of supply and demand folks!!!

WHATEVER you do, please don’t say to me “I wish” or “if only” and then never choose take a step to begin changing it. I guess mainstream Americans and the like are lackadaisical, apathetic or just to “BORED” to pay attention. Oh I must not forget that ‘everything will be just fine’ or ‘everything will go away if I just pretend it doesn’t exist’. Keep the blinders on. Isn’t it that apathy that has gotten us where we are today?

Besides, anyone who deviates from the average in the general population is still labeled as a wierdo, hippie or radical.

The majority of people will speak up and support a fashionable cause in the comfort of their own little get togethers, especially if it has recently made the headlines. But ask them to put their money where their mouth is or do something, anything about it and they will never step up to the plate and break from the norm. Taking responsibility and making a change for the absolute best, means taking a serious look at your lifestyle you are living and until the day when ‘keeping up with the Jones’ includes being ethical or health conscious, it will continue to be ignored by the masses. Right now people are too busy trying to keep up with the “wealthy”, the rediculous “celebrity princesses”  in the tabloid magazines or the “guru’s” on the internet to care.

You can make a difference, but only if you take off the blinders and begin to see.
Yes, You do have a choice, but are you willing to do something about it?

theresa fisher
of healthyfishies

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