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Mercury in my lightbulb

Something that I have been pondering for quite some time is “how safe is the Mercury in my new safe lightbulbs”?

The question led me down a road that was certainly shocking if not appalling!

Ok, so we are going to be mandated very soon to stop using the ‘traditional’ light bulbs in favor of the more eco-friendly lightbulb. While that is all good - it is great to be more eco-conscious and I am all in favor of saving us little peeps money on our electric bill … but —ummm, they seem to have forgotten a few “tiny” details…

Allow me to explain a bit:

First of all, is the mercury in these little bulbs Safe? What good is a bunch of mercury in our landfills? It is not safe in our lakes and fish…. What happens when a bulb breaks in your home releasing mercury into your environment, into the very air you breathe? The truth please!! It is NOT SAFE at all. These bulbs contain mercury!!

Did you know that if you break a bulb you must turn off the heat or air and you and your beloveds (pets included) must leave your home for at least 15 minutes!!  Does this seem safe to you? This site will give you a list of what to do in case of breakage EPA Spills. My question is how can something green contain a “toxic” ingredient? I found another interesting article on what happens when you throw one of these little “toxic bombs” away. You might find it interesting as well. Live Science Why are we, as consumers, not being informed of this? Oh wait, a few news stories have been published… thank you MSN for raising a few eyebrows. I just feel that we as consumers have a right to know the COST of something designed to SAVE. I am surprised more environmental bloggers aren’t outraged over this unsafe bulb. We gotta let people know the truth! They are not safe!

Here is an interesting YouTube video:

On yet another note… Do you know where these lightbulbs are made? ONLY IN CHINA!! This is just great for the american economy isn’t it?

These CFL bulbs are Government mandated and only one country in the world manufactures them: no, it’s not the US, it is China.

Why wouldn’t our government do it’s research before mandating our bulbs? It would have been just as simple to promote an American made product to help assist our economy and keep us safe… that product is the LED bulb. Made safe, made in America.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with trade, but when the economy is the way it is, doesn’t it just make sense to promote, mandate and believe in something made in your own country? Makes cents to me.

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