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On the Homefront - a look into the fishbowl


So, Christmas was a blast! We ate, we played, we rested… hubby was sick :(
Thankfully, not enough to ruin his Christmas.

Christmas morning we opened our gifts from one to another. Hubby and I typically get each of the children a new pair of pants, a new shirt and either a jacket, hoodie, sweatshirt or sweater to go over the shirt. (we like to layer) They also got the annual slippers and pajamas. Usually, The children will find new toothbrushes, floss, stocking hats or mittens (depending on the year) and chapstick or something like that among the candies in their stockings. We always say we are not buying the children any more toys, but end up getting them a few anyway.

This year was no different.

The guppies got some Hot Wheels cars, john deere tiny tractors and the girlie got a dolly. Sounds great, right?!!? Well, Trust me when I say, they still end up getting too many toys than they need,  the relatives typically give toys - and that is all I have to say …. hahaha!

Within a few hours of opening gifts, we found all the new toys under the tree and my children have brought into the living room, the old wooden train set, the old Lincoln Logs set and an old car street kind of set. They have had these toys for about 3-4 years… and yet… these are the favorites.

Last night as I sat here knitting a pair of slippers for myself *blush* and sipping a cup of hot peppermint/spearmint tea… I thought about how quaint the scene was.

My husband and 8 yr old guppy were busy in the dining room building things with the 2 year old- found at a rumage sale -erector set, my 5 year old guppies were busily setting up and playing with the wooden train (again an old rumage sale find) and Lincoln Logs making a little town, Christmas songs were playing on the radio and it was so peaceful that I lost count in my knitting.

Toss in a little candlelight and I imagine I woulda cried, it was so much like how I imagine an old fashioned Christmas would have looked.  I think I love those old toys as much as my children ;)

ahhh, the simple things in life.

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