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Taking it back

I was thinking the other day about how we live versus the economy. No, this is not a political article, although I could very easily “go there”, I won’t bore you today…. I will save that for later :)

I was thinking about how laid back things are here at the fishbowl and yet, how freaked-out the economy is. Isn’t it a bit odd how some people are not that concerned and yet others are stressed over the dow industrial average on a daily basis? I personally, don’t stress much over it.

Sure, I think about things like… wonder if I can bring my garden indoors this winter? How much extra Rice should I stock up on, just in case?  Should I use part of my tax return to purchase more than one share at Easy Bean Farm this year and get some in the freezer? Think we can build a wind turbine as a winter project? Can we replicate the olive oil lamps I saw at Lehmans and if yes, how expensive would the oil be for evenings for a year?

Suddenly it hit me like a dumbfounded duh moment…. it is almost like the economy crash is forcing people to “take thier lives back”. I could be completely off the wall here, but this is what I was thinking. It seems that we, as a nation, have become so involved with consumerism, that we have even given up our lives for it.

Bear with me here… How many families work 2 jobs or more just to make ends meet? Think about this for a moment… what if, just what if, one person were to stay at home and tend the garden, make oil lamps, soap, candles and the like, just like our forefathers, but with modern convieniances of course? Would the family then need a second or third job? I am not saying we need to all become like the Amish, but they sure have a good head start on living within their means. Just think of all the “family time” they have as they learn, plant, plan and grow together. WOW.

As a homeschooling mom, I think about things like this and plan to teach my children to live a bit more frugally so that they may enjoy thier lives and the people who are important to them. It is amazing the things you learn about your child, spouse and yes, even yourself while planting a garden together. The best part is seeing the child’s face light up with each new discovery… like, “our compost turned into THIS dirt?!”

simply ….  priceless

I think Healthyfishies is going to start sharing these moments more. A lot of people seem scared and freaked-out, but there is hope, there is a future and a plan and it is good!

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Helping Children


Every click helps to feed a hungry child. Join me in clicking and feeding children EVERY DAY! You would be surprised at how much of a difference your effort can make…in only a moment you can feed 8 children or more by simply clicking a few ad banners (even if you can not read the language, your click counts)

This is not a site that is connected with some kind of investment program, but it is connected with advertisers money and what it can do to feed hungry children. It is very famous site in Poland and has been functioning online since 2002 . It was established by PAH - Polish Humanitarian Organisation

You can read more about this program here:*

and You can start feeding hungry children - by visiting this site:*

and clicking the Wooden Puppet’s belly

in the section ” Ile juz zebralismy ” you can look at the daily/weekly and overall performance.

Be sure to click ALL the advertisers banners on the page, sometimes there are up to 8 other times only a few. Remember, Every click helps to feed a hungry child. Join me in clicking and feeding children EVERY DAY! You would be surprised at how much of a difference your effort can make.

*IF the site is not showing in English, just click the British/English flag at the top in the toolbar.


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Natural Ways to Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Natural Ways to Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Each year there are approximately 182,000 people diagnosed with breast cancer. Of the number ninety eight percent are women and 2 percent are men. Breast cancer is a disease that can effect anyone, it does not play favorites amongst gender or race. Being diagnosed with breast cancer is a life changing moment, not only are you are faced with the fear of the disease but also the fear of the side effects from the treatments prescribed by your physican. While surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are all proven methods of treatment the side effects can be so drastic that many people do not want to go through them. The good news is that there are natural ways to help prevent breast cancer.
The natural ways to help prevent breast cancer are much the same as what they are for overall healthy living. Why then is breast cancer the number three cancer in the United States? Mainly because we don’t live healthy lives to begin with. Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be an eye opening experience to change your lifestyle and naturally cure your breast cancer. A few ways to help prevent breast cancer include proper diet, exercise, avoidance of cancer causing agents and of course a positive mental attitude.  A positive mental attitude can go a long way to making a difference.

You can help provide others with FREE Mamograms by simply clicking the pink button below

Together - we can make a difference!

Please remember we are not here to diagnose disease nor are we telling you not to see a doctor.

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