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December 16, 2008

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Benefits of Using Organic Toothpaste

Going green encompasses more than recycling or driving a hybrid vehicle, it may also mean purchasing all natural organic products that are safe for the environment and bio degradable.

But helping the environment is not the only reason why one should use organic items. Studies indicate that individuals who primarily use all natural products have fewer food allergies or rashes and are healthier than those who are not.

Even simple organic maintenance items, like toothpaste, can have its advantages.

Why use Organic tooth paste

Over the counter tooth pastes can be extremely gritty and harmful to the teeth, eroding the enamel at a far faster rate with prolonged use. On the flipside, organic toothpaste is soft and causes no injury to the enamel.

Other benefits of using organic toothpaste include:

- Through cleansing — essential oils like mint or menthol provides an antibacterial effect that promote greater dental hygiene. This makes it far superior to the over the counter toothpastes. - Dental Protection — tooth decay slows down the clay purifies the mouth with continued use creates a barrier to viruses and harmful corrosive bacteria. - Superior Whitening - Clay toothpaste whitens teeth to a near brilliant shine in a very short period of time. - Healing properties - People who suffer from gingivitis, mouth ulcers and wounds in the mouth may find that using organic tooth paste helps diminish these problems. - Fresh breath - People often worry that organic products don?t work as well as mainstream ones. The fact is, in many cases the opposite is true. For example, the wonderful natural ingredients found in organic toothpaste can freshen the breath and keep it that way for hours.

Most people who use organic toothpastes enjoy the flavor and prefer it to traditional oral maintenance products.

Product Safety

One thing that makes people feel a bit leery about purchasing organic materials is the fear that they are not safe. In the realm of oral hygiene, organic toothpaste is far safer than mainstream pastes. It may shock them to learn that 89% percent of over the counter hygienic merchandise is not evaluated for safety.

Also, fluoride can cause mottling of the teeth and the paste itself creates canker sores in the mouth. This is because the ingredients in regular toothpaste can strip mouth tissue and even cause ulcers.

In comparison, organic toothpaste protects not only the health of the teeth but overall health as well.

Ingredients to avoid

Just because a manufacturer claims his toothpaste is organic doesn’t mean it is. True organic products are 100 percent natural and free of chemicals, dyes, flavorings and fragrance. Other ingredients you will want to avoid when buying organic toothpaste are Propylene Glycol, petroleum, mineral oil and parabens.

Any toothpaste that contains these things should be avoided because they are not safe for routine use or consumption.

Cruelty free

Those who indulge in a holistic lifestyle and follow homeopathic medicines also adhere to principals and ideals that necessitate locating cruelty free products.

What does it mean to be cruelty free?

Cruelty free simply means that the company doesn’t use animal testing to manufacture or create their products. Because most people who indulge holistic living are also vegan or vegetarian, the need to locate organic toothpaste that doesn’t advocate the barbaric practice of animal testing is imperative.

Where to find organic tooth paste

Many holistic food stores contain organic hygiene staples and can be easily located online or off. The internet also offers many businesses that sell all natural products as well. A thorough and complete investigation will uncover shops that provide exactly what you are looking for.

Be sure to research the company you plan to buy organic toothpaste and hygiene products from. By understanding who you are dealing with, you will feel more comfortable making any purchases and may even decide to buy further organic products in the future.

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Article Source Earth Articles Green Directory

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