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October 13, 2008

Tuesday, 09 September 2008 04:11   written by guest writer: Mike
” These rising gas prices are affecting everyone. You may argue with me, but I’m right. More than 63% of people in the United States now feel that these increasing prices are putting financial strain on their household, and I can see why. Many people rely on their cars for work and as a result of this run up quite a few miles.

Oil. What a joke. It’s stupid that we continue to use it even though it’s so expensive and it’s polluting the earth. If you ask me we should just bite the bullet and convert to something like hydrogen fuel.

Hydrogen. What a dude of a fuel. It’s extracted from water, and the waste gas is water vapor. No dirty carbon dioxide or deadly carbon monoxide, just water. Pure and simple. I must say, though, it does need a lot of electricity to be separated from oxygen in water. This brings me onto power plants.

Power plants are the other main cause of the greenhouse effect. Still over half of power stations in the US use coal. I think people who actually want to help the environment should install solar panels or wind turbines on their houses. Sure, the initial cost of these are a bit expensive, but think about it - this means FREE ELECTRICITY FOREVER. Well, at least for a long, long time until they need to be updated. Also the prices for these are falling, dramatically.

So if you want to do the world (and your wallet) some good, then my advice is this - convert your car to a more economic and environmentally friendly fuel supply and install solar panels or wind turbines on your house. Sure, the initial cost will be high, but the savings made will definitely compensate, and even save you money in the long run. “

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