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October 10, 2008

Oh my, What am I going to make for dinner ?!?!

How many times have you heard or said that? LOL

If you had lived in our house a few months ago, it happened a lot. Not so often anymore…

I found this amazing family menu planning system recently called More Thyme . For as little as $1/week (when you pay annually) you can get menus, recipes and shopping lists for your home meals. What’s really unique about More Thymeis that it can learn your taste in food and provide menu suggestions for you that not only match your taste, but your diet as well. You can use a standard balanced, low-carb, or low-fat diet, vegan diet, or create a custom diet. The shopping list not only contains what’s in the recipes on your plan, but you can also add additional items (like napkins, cleaning supplies, etc.). You can pay monthly, quarterly or yearly (big savings). Check it out ! You can even add your own recipes like I do for gluten free /dairy free or whatever and it figures out your grocery list, your menu and everything! It ROCKS! You can even add some of the recipes you find in the healthyfishies articles to your menu plan :-) a great combination!!

Since, Healthyfishies is a health and wellness community, we find that a large majority of our members are also people who place high value on healthy meals and dietetic meal values. As most of us try to make more healthy choices in our meals in order to improve our health, we tend to lean more on natural and organic foods. We try to achieve that goal with the addition of more fruits, vegetables and whole grains and also to maximize our ability to get our vitamins and minerals from foods instead of supplements. Most of us also have families, some with special diets, like vegan, dairy free or gluten free and so, it is with great pleasure that we come to you withHealthy Menus through More Thyme and the Healthy Grocer e-Store , which carries organics, natural foods, gluten free foods, dairy free foods, and more!

It is our dream to make Healthyfishies your one stop shop for your daily health choice needs and feel that the combination of Healthy Menus - which will also include recipes, grocer e-store lists and dietetic values- and the Healthy Grocer e-Store will help us to meet those needs.

The convenience of having pre-planned menus, shopping lists and the ability to order groceries online - I hope will prove to be not only a Healthy move, but a Time Saver and Money Saver as well.
Thanks !

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