Breakfast Anyone?

October 9, 2008

Breakfast Anyone?

The funniest things can happen when you allow your 4 year old son to choose the breakfast for the day. I do allow them to make decisions every once in awhile ;-) Anyway, on this particular morning his request was pizza, my response… “UGH? Pizza?!” His reply was even cuter than the request “Please momma, can we have pizza for breakfast? maybe eggs?”

“Eggs, I can do”

“But what about having pizza momma?”

Silence from momma, pleading blue eyes from son. My heart melts.

“well sweetie, how about we try something different and make egg pizza?” I am really still clueless as to how I am going to pull this off…but I agree to give it a try anyway.

“yay!!! GUYS, mom’s gonna make EGG P-I-Z-Z-A!!!” he sings as he dances around the house still in his pj’s.

Ok so how do you do Gluten Free Pizza crust without a pizza mix? How do you make a breakfast pizza? (These things are just not common place in our home) I am, by this time, brainstorming and digging through the cupboards for a clue. Nothing is happening in my brain, I just can’t seem to get my tongue around it. I send the children off to get dressed and reach for my remaining bag of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Baking Mix

I measured out about 3/4 cup of Bob’s Mix and add 2 teas.Xanthan Gum, 1/4 teas. Baking Powder, 1/2 teas. Baking Soda then I grab my trusty ol’ Hodgson Mill Buckwheat Flour (yes darling, Buckwheat is not Wheat) and top off the cup. Now that I have 1 cup of flour, what should I do with it? I pour it into a bowl and begin adding Soy Milk (you can use regular milk or Rice Milk, whatever your preference and body will handle) I add until I have a nice little sticky ball of “dough”.

I took out my favorite bar pan and “buttered” it with some Olive oil. I then thought it might be smart to oil my hands as this really looked sticky. I began patting it down to about a 1/8-1/4″ thickness and popped it into a 325 degree oven for about 15-20 minutes until the top looked like it was baked and not doughy…it actually started to look like a nice ‘whole wheat’ crust.

While it was baking, I scrambled a good 5 organic free range eggs.

I removed the pizza crust from the oven and splashed some tomato sauce, fresh Italian herbs, and then added the eggs over the top. Being Dairy free, I finished it off with a casein free shredded soy based cheddar and the same brand mozzarella cheese and popped it back into the oven just until the cheese was melty looking.

To my and my beloved’s delight, the pizza was a hit!! The crust was actually crunchy on the edges and tender in the middle, no mush, no bleh flavor…. it was GOOD!


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