Natural Ways to Help Prevent Breast Cancer

October 6, 2008

Natural Ways to Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Each year there are approximately 182,000 people diagnosed with breast cancer. Of the number ninety eight percent are women and 2 percent are men. Breast cancer is a disease that can effect anyone, it does not play favorites amongst gender or race. Being diagnosed with breast cancer is a life changing moment, not only are you are faced with the fear of the disease but also the fear of the side effects from the treatments prescribed by your physican. While surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are all proven methods of treatment the side effects can be so drastic that many people do not want to go through them. The good news is that there are natural ways to help prevent breast cancer.
The natural ways to help prevent breast cancer are much the same as what they are for overall healthy living. Why then is breast cancer the number three cancer in the United States? Mainly because we don’t live healthy lives to begin with. Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be an eye opening experience to change your lifestyle and naturally cure your breast cancer. A few ways to help prevent breast cancer include proper diet, exercise, avoidance of cancer causing agents and of course a positive mental attitude.  A positive mental attitude can go a long way to making a difference.

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Please remember we are not here to diagnose disease nor are we telling you not to see a doctor.

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